Games will be scheduled from 3:00 pm  Friday to 3:00 pm on Monday .  Please make travel arrangements to ensure you are prepared for the potential of a 3:00 pm start on Friday June 29, 2018 until 3:00 pm on Monday July 2nd, 2018.    

Mandatory Coaches/Managers meeting on June 29th at 3 PM OR July 1st at 7:15 AM in the Red Card Lounge. You must attend prior to your first tournament game, if the coach can not attend please send another team representative. 

Stay to play, your rooms are already being held for your team-please do not book directly until advised by tournament director. This weekend is one of the busiest in Calgary as there are also other sporting events scheduled. Hotel rooms can be very difficult to come by as well as exorbitant prices being offered. We have made arrangements with hotels for this weekend only with rates of $149 per room which also includes 4 ‘hot breakfast‘ coupons per room per day. 

Some further information: 

Location of the home arena – Calgary  Soccer Center at 7000-48 th St SE:  Restaurant and outdoor food and beverage center available at the Soccer Center as well as fast food outlets within walking distance.

Free BBQ Supper on Saturday  for all players and coaching staff. Parents can buy supper tickets from the servers. Supper will be held outside at front entrance to soccer center – vouchers for players and coaching staff are in the coaches package.

Buses can not stop in the front of the building, please have your bus wait elsewhere until your team is all together and waiting at the front, then call your driver for pickup. 

Soccer Centre becomes very hot, ensure that your athletes are well hydrated all day. Many teams will bring extra water on the bench during the game and also a small cooler with wet sponges or clothes to cool the players down during period breaks. 

No team warm-up is permitted in the the soccer centre, please have your team warm up outside in the Chill- LAX Zone Outdoor Field #1  (if inclimate weather, this will move to Field #2)

Teams are required to supply their own roster labels for game sheets or fill them out by hand.

Volunteers required: Home team to supply three for timekeeping, visitors none. Home team is determined by which ever team is nearest the City of Calgary. It is the home team‘s  responsibility to ensure that game sheet is taken from the game sheet table, to the timekeepers box AND is returned to the game sheet table after the game.   Game sheets will be made available 15-30 minutes before game time. Sheets must be completed at the game sheet table.

Teams supply all practice balls for the tournament – however, players are not allowed to have any lacrosse balls whatsoever off the playing surface. Lacrosse balls will be confiscated. Game balls are supplied by the tournament.

Teams are to have two sets of jerseys, one home and one away. Should there be an issue with similar jersey colours it is the HOME team responsibility to change their jerseys. 

 Please ensure that each player has proof of age with them .

It is your responsibility to supply a  dressing room supervisor to ensure dressing rooms are left the way that they are found and to ensure players are prompt (in/out) once changed.Please ensure your roster form has your team manager  and their cell number listed.

Pay particular attention to Calgary Lacrosse rules and regulations at: Unless otherwise mentioned in tournament rules, CLA rules apply.  

Ensure you are familiar with the affiliation rules at this link 

We do have first aid volunteers available all weekend onsite, here are the Emergency facilities nearby the Soccer Centre 

South Health Campus Hospital

Urgent Care South Calgary

Rockyview Hospital:

Peter Lougheed Hospital:


WE REQUEST THAT ALL COACHES, PLAYERS AND FANS SHOW RESPECT AND SPORTMANSHIP FOR OTHER PLAYERS, COACHES AND OFFICIALS.  If a tournament official (not referees) witnesses any abuse, the offending team will have a deduction of .50 points off their round robin standing.